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Blargenshnuggle Overhaul
Saturday, August 05, 2006

After 5 hours of eye bleeding html coding, Blargenshnuggle is back up and running with a whole new look!

I hope you all enjoy the new look. If you don't, then you can go to hell, because it took me forever to put everything back together!

I have added some new features, the major one that sticks out is the "Chatbox" on the left sidebar. I saw this on one of my favorite sites - Donald James Simpson/Unbalanced, and decided that it would be a cool new thing to have.

Again, hope you like everything, and feel free to comment away. Later!
posted by Ryan @ 9:47 PM   1 comments
Rash outbreak after playing in mud - gee, imagine that?
Friday, August 04, 2006

I laugh every time I see this on the news (which has been every damn day this week).

"More Than 300 Get Rash in Mo. Park from Mudmania event"

Basically an event was held last month called "Mud Mania" in a big park in the area. 5000 people (mostly younger kids) took part in this mud filled obstacle course. They wake up the next day with red bumps all over their body. Big surprise.

The parents flip out, of course, demanding answers.

So lets get this straight - you take little Johnny to a park to play where there is a huge pool of bacteria infested mud, being shared by 5000 other kids, in the middle of a heat wave, and you wonder why 80% of his body is covered in little red bumps that look similar to the ones you got after that questionable hook up in college......
posted by Ryan @ 10:12 PM   2 comments
1 killed, 11 wounded in rocket attacks - Let me tell you why I find this funny.
Wednesday, August 02, 2006

So here we are, a few weeks into the whole Israel vs. Hezbollah battle. Israel is obviously concerned with completely destroying Hezbollah. Hezbollah is putting up a hell of a fight, however, I think Hezboallah needs to seriously consider re-training their men that operate the rocket launchers. Here is the headline that proves that:

"Hezbollah fires 210 rockets at Israel on Wednesday...1 killed, 11 wounded in rocket attacks"

I'm confident that my 90 year-old great grandmother could kill more than 1 guy with 5 million dollars worth of rockets.

Article here
posted by Ryan @ 4:03 PM   0 comments
Pie in Face
Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Due to a high volume of requests, I am posting my pie incident picture from work today.

Long story short: I called out my boss in front of the boys, saying he didn't have the balls to slam a piece of chocolate cream pie in my face.

I was wrong.
posted by Ryan @ 8:31 PM   0 comments
Experts Say Gibson's Apology Too Late

Is anyone else tired of hearing about Mel Gibson and his drunken Anti-Semitism slurs?

The picture to the right explains how I feel about it.
posted by Ryan @ 6:37 PM   4 comments
Funny funny joke
Three cowboys — from Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Texas—are sitting around a fire. The Oklahoma cowboy gloats, “Just the other day, a bull gored six men in the corral, but I wrestled it to the ground with my hands.”

The Arkansan replies, “Oh, yeah? Yesterday a 15-foot rattler came at me, so I grabbed it, bit its head off, and spit the poison into a spittoon 15 yards away.”

The Texan stays quiet, slowly stirring the coals with his penis.
posted by Ryan @ 6:34 PM   0 comments
Laser pointer hits NYPD helicopter
Had to post this for the daily dumbass award. Article here.
posted by Ryan @ 6:31 PM   0 comments
Daddys money
Monday, July 31, 2006

I thought this was interesting due to the fact that this guy is only a year older than me. I buy a newspaper. He buys the newspaper.

Article here.
posted by Ryan @ 5:15 PM   2 comments
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