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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Girl takes pic of herself every day for three years

Thought this was an interesting video...she took a picture of her self every single day for 3 years, then made a video out of it.

I wish I had that kind of patience!
posted by Ryan @ 8:32 PM   3 comments
Speeding motorist tried to blow up camera
Thursday, August 10, 2006

Very funny story. A man who feared losing his job for getting a ticket after being caught by a speeding camera, decided the best way to get rid of the evidence would be to...blow it up! I guess he doesn't know a whole lot about surveillance cameras...did he think all the data was stored in the camera or something? I mean come on, this guy is an Engineer!

Anyway, here is a picture and a link to the story.
posted by Ryan @ 9:03 PM   0 comments
Sledgehammer + Grenade = ouchies
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I think this story is worthy of the "Dumbass of the Year" award.

In an attempt to open a rocket propelled grenade for scrap metal, this Brazilian genius decided to hit it with a sledgehammer to bust it open.

The shop he was in exploded.

His friend was rushed to the hospital.

He died.

posted by Ryan @ 8:33 PM   1 comments
New Zealand OKs topless porn star parade
I know where I'm going for vacation!

Article here
posted by Ryan @ 6:07 PM   3 comments
Rockstar catering to nerds wildest fantasies

Video game maker Rockstar is releasing a new game called "Bully", in October. The mission? Fight your way through bully jocks and teachers as 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins, and bash their faces with baseball bats and sacks of marbles.

The Miami Dade county school board has already asked retailers not to sell the game to minors, and are warning parents of the potentially "harmful effects" of playing video games like this.

I think its funny as hell to be honest. I say - let the nerds, dorks, and geeks seek out their revenge in the best way they know how: video games!

Will I buy it? Probably not, but I'm sure we will be hearing more about it soon as reports start pouring in of baseball bat attacks at schools across the world.

Looking forward to it.
posted by Ryan @ 5:48 PM   0 comments
"Couple Surfing" A sign of the times?
Tuesday, August 08, 2006

After looking around for some interesting news to report, I came across this article on called " Couple-surfing: 'Love me, love my blog'".

Basically it talks about couples who do a majority of their day to day communicating through blogs, forums, chatrooms - while sitting right next to each other!! Even though I can consider myself an internet freak - I think "couple surfing" is the saddest, most depressing thing I've ever heard of....

What the hell ever happened to talking at the breakfast table, or taking a walk in the park? I mean, the "mainstream" internet craze hasn't been around that long. If we are already to the point that our social skills are so jacked up by the internet that we can't even talk face to face with the most important people in our lives, then we need to sit down, and re-introduce some "old school" techniques to our relationships.

I think it would be good for everyone.

Seriously, lets look 20 years down the road...the whole world will be a giant internet robot. We already have "cyber sex" now, but in 20 years will couples somehow procreate for real, online? Who knows what lies ahead....

All I know is that when I find that special person - we will drink wine and eat cheese under the old oak tree in front of my grandfathers farm....far away from the "Couples Cyber Cafe".
posted by Ryan @ 7:33 PM   0 comments
Cheesy Perfume. No, seriously.
Monday, August 07, 2006

It seems that in an effort to let people "make a statement of individuality", perfume designers are coming out with trendy new fragrances. Cheesy concept? Well, I say that literally, because one of the newest fragrances on the block smells like....cheese. Now thats attractive.

I can see it now...Monday morning, Monica walks into the office and catches Bobs attention.

Bob - "Monica, you smell delicious! What kind of perfume are you wearing?"
Monica - "Velveeta No. 5!!"

This trend is getting pretty hot, because now celebrity types are releasing non-traditional scents. Rock group Kiss plans on releasing a fragrance that smells of sweat, skin and leather.

Monica- "It stinks in here, who didn't take a shower?"
Bob - "Oh sorry Monica, it's my new cologne , "Gene Simmons Armpits".

What a sad, sad world.

I think I'll stick to Coolwater.
posted by Ryan @ 7:24 PM   0 comments
Texas School District Bans Cleavage
Sunday, August 06, 2006

Couldn't resist this one. Shouldn't educators be focused more on education, instead of teenage cleavage? I think cleavage is a part of high school, its part of the whole experience. I don't see a problem as long as they are not walking around topless, (I wouldn't have complained about that in high school, but you get the point).

What do you think?
posted by Ryan @ 5:39 PM   1 comments
Reuters infamous doctored Beirut photos
fake that was published

Not sure if you've seen these yet, but it's a very popular subject at the moment. Long story short - a Reuters photographer got a photo published that was clearly manipulated if you know anything about Photoshop and photography. I will post some photos to show you, courtesy of Little Green Footballs, where I first heard about this.

Basically this photographer made Beirut look alot worse (damage and smoke wise) than it actually was. As it says in the article, I wonder how many of these fake photos have made it through in the past without getting caught. Reuters did admit the fake, and are quoted saying "photo editing software was improperly used on this image. A corrected version will immediately follow this advisory. We are sorry for any inconvience." He has since been fired.

There are some spoofs of the photo popping up, which are hilarious. Hopefully you can spot the spoof of the fake in the photos above. If you can't, terminate your life right now.
posted by Ryan @ 5:08 PM   0 comments
Holy Shrimp

A California man claims that this piece of shrimp has an image of jesus on it. I can see where he's coming from. There is a resemblence...wonder how many online casinos will bid on this?
posted by Ryan @ 8:25 AM   0 comments
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